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All requirements outlined here are considered requirements for any Web site, on or off University servers, that attempts to relay information, conduct business or conduct research on behalf or at the expense of Southern Illinois University Carbondale.


The full name of the University is Southern Illinois University and is also recognized by the initials SIU. All language on SIU Web sites should refer to the University by, “the University”, “Southern Illinois University” or “SIU”.

Footer Requirement

All University Web pages must contain a footer that contains at least the following items:

  1. Email link to email the person who is responsible for maintenance of the Web site
  2. Link to SIUs Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE) statement:
  3. Link to SIU Campus Web Privacy Policy:
  4. ©YYYY SIU Board of Trustees (with YYYY being the current year)
  5. Date the site was last updated