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All requirements outlined here are considered requirements for any Web site, on or off University servers, that attempts to relay information, conduct business or conduct research on behalf or at the expense of Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Each Web site owner is responsible for maintaining and updating the content of their own site.

SIU Logo Requirement

Any logos on University Web sites must comply with the Visual Identity Guidelines.

Web logos are available for use on Web sites/pages only. They shall not replace the official University Wordmark or SIU Identifiers in any form of duplicating, printing or in other applications such as Power Point presentations, videos,  etc.

Please use the following as logo guidelines for the Web:

  1. Requirement:All pages must offer a link back to the SIU Web site (http://www.siu.edu) using the official web logo provided by SIU Interactive Services. This must appear above the fold (which means the first initial visible area of a Web page that a users sees before scrolling) on a 1024×768 resolution monitor) of every page.
    1. Departmental identifiers: can not be used on web sites.
    2. Secondary Logos:  are not allowed (see Identity Manual).
    3. Print Logos: No logos that are designed for print can be used on websites. More information.
  2. Logo color: On the Web the official logo must appear in maroon (Web color: #660000) and black. The wordmark may also appear as all black or as all white (when placed on a solid or dark background). The logo must not appear in any other colors.
  3. Logo size: The SIU Web Logo must be displayed at 330px wide by 67px tall, with 20px padding on all sides. It must be displayed only in color (maroon and black) on a light background. (PNG and JPEG files provided)

Logo available for web use:

Home pages must display one of the following logo as a link back to the main SIU Web site (https://www.siu.edu):

(below are the three color options available for download)


SIU Logo

SIU Logo Black

SIU Logo White


The following download is available for Web use only. DOWNLOAD LOGO(.zip file)

For downloads for use in print see.  For additional web logo needs please fill out a Web Services Service Ticket.